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iSmartPC is an authorized community distributor of Linux Distributions.
You can boot to USB for emergency situations. A portable operating system.

Use it to save files from your dead operating system or a failing hard drive.
Install side by side with your current system. Dual Boot!
Completely erase your hard drive and just like us, use linux MINT 17.1 as your operating system.
These very stable OPERATING SYSTEM is a good replacement for your current PC that’s no longer behaving itself.Automatic Hardware detection
Automatic upgrades till 2019No need to defrag, clean registry and extra software to protect your PC. Just set it and forget it.Will never “never slow down. Our laptops at iSmartPC are 5 to 6 years old and can put many newer ones to shame.Compatible with Name Brand Laptops OR Desktops manufactured in 2007 or newer.

Typical installations is within 30 minutes more or less.Long term support
updates automatically till 2019.

Many useful
applications is with the package to help you with your day to day needs
such as a complete Office Suite, Browser, Image Editor. Too many to
mention. You can ask me questions before
and after the sale.

We have switched many of
our customers, friends and family to this professional operating system, while keeping their ORIGINAL OPERATING SYTEM on their hard disk.Message me and I will do my
best to address concerns and questions.

Why do business with us?
love selling on eBay. We consistently get positive feedback. It is our
first priority to make sure you the
customer are satisfied with your purchase and your experience. We are
flexible when it comes to issues. We will work with you to solve a
problem immediately if one arises to ensure that you feel positive about
the outcome.We
are almost always available for questions as iSmartPC does eBay on a
full time basis. We are fast to respond from 8AM-10PM Pacific Time. Feel free
to message us anytime.

Dear eBay Staff

the software programs included in this listing and included on these
DVD-ROMs OR USB are Open Source, not freeware or shareware, and fall
under the
terms of the GNU Public License, and the GNU Lesser General Public
License (LGPL). No copyright or trademark laws have been infringed. This
product is in full compliance and full accordance to eBays Media Policy
and Unauthorized Copies Policy
. iSmartPC is an authorized community distributor of Linux Distributions.

Only $5.49
Buy with confidence