PC Software Super Sale

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PC Software Super Sale:

Connect Da Dots has teamed up with leading pc software distributors. To give you the customers over 3000 software titles in various sub categories. So many titles they we cannot put up listings for all of them. We decided to list what we can on this listing pg and let you do an email inquiry to see if titles are in stock. Hear is how the ordering process will work, down below we will list as many titles we have in different categories. Any title you are interested in, message me for availability and pricing on item or items. Please serious inquiries only, I will get back to you in reasonable time about order. If item is in stock or not I will message you back to let you know status. If available I will message you yes and price for item with shipping cost. If your ready to buy I will then make listing available in my storefront, I will message you item available for purchase now in store. Once you get message, you must buy right away if you want it, once listed item becomes public and available to who wants to purchase it. Listing will have stock, info on item and price for it. 

Please be advised items for sale in storefront are under software categories are bound to their rules per sale as for that listing. This listing is separate sale and operates under conditions of this listing only. If inquiry is made and customers agree to purchase item and does not purchase item or items. Then that item will become part of storefront listing conditions and and its free for anyone to buy. Shipping options available are USPS, FedEx and UPS. Once order is place you will be notified of carrier. USPS is default carrier but depending on quantity of order and titles other carriers will be in use. Be advise Ebay return policy is still in effect if you get defective or non working item upon receiving shipment. It can can returned for refund or exchange for same title. Customer pays for returning shipping and allow time for refund to take place and additional time for exchange. Any questions feel free to message me I will answer questions as soon as possible. Prices for software will start at 9.99 and up depending on title and category. Some titles will have more then 1 available, I will email title info so you can make an inform decision before purchase. Happy shopping below and if you do not see your title. Message me and I will message you back about inquiry, look forward to future business.


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Please serious customers only, please do not order product or products. Then make illegal copies for yourself and try to return items. Stating they are defective or do not work. Return products will inspected and if they do not meet criteria you stated for refund or exchange. No refund or exchange will not be given buyer is responsible for all cost relating to after sale disputes if found liable. All items were checked for quality and working conditions by issuing company before being packaged. All item are new and never opened, thanks again Connect Da Dots.

Only $9.99
Buy with confidence