NEW Arturia Spark Dubstep Virtual Drum Machine Beat Synth Instrument WIN/MAC

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New Arturia Spark Dubstep Full Version PC/MAC ELECTRONIC DELIVERY


Create cool and hip beats with the Arturia Spark Dubstep virtual drum
machine software. Sculpt and design awesome Dubstep beats with this
powerful and great-sounding program. You get access to 30 different drum
kits and 480 instruments. High-quality effects like reverb, chorus,
distortion, and more let you put the icing on your beats for that
professional sound. Tons of MIDI patterns let you quickly create killer
beats. Bring your Dubstep dreams to reality with the flexible and
powerful Arturia Spark Dubstep virtual drum machine software


Easy to program
Spark Dubstep virtual drum machine
is extremely simple to use. With expandable patterns and a 16-step
sequencer inspired by Roland’s original TR-series, programming tracks in
Arturia’s Spark Dubstep virtual drum machine is a cinch. Whether you
use Spark Dubstep as a plug-in or in standalone mode, you get all the
same functionality and great sounds.

Top-shelf effects
Spark Dubstep virtual drum machine includes 14 high-quality effects,
including a multiband compressor, reverb, bit crusher, multiband EQ,
chorus, delay, distortion, phaser, plate reverb, destroyer, flanger,
space pan, limiter, and sub generator. Use these effects to totally
change your sound or for subtle embellishments.

Use Spark Dubstep live
Spark Dubstep is perfect for the studio, it’s also great for live
performances. You get an intuitive XY Pad that gives you real-time
slicing and filtering, so you can to effortlessly create awesome breaks.
You also get three types of filters (lowpass, highpass, and band pass),
plus an advanced looper, that lets you divide loop size and move
looping position simultaneously! Use this cool feature for introducing
stutter dynamics into your music. Combine it with the XY Pad to send
your audience off into another dimension.


1.5 GHz CPU or faster
2 GB Ram or
Windows XP/Windows
DVD-ROM drive

Any G4 or faster (Intel-Mac
2 GB RAM or Higher
Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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Only $99.00
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